Egg maggie

As we all are familiar with our child hood best friend Maggie, so i thought of giving it an interesting twist with simple add-ons. This dish can be done as a healthy breakfast or for snacking as its balanced in proteins and carbs.

Material required are following :-

  1. 2 cakes of maggie
  2. chilli flakes
  3. butter
  4. 1 egg
  5. mustard sauce ( if you like)
  6. salt/black & red pepper powder.

Now lets get started by taking a pan and adding 3 cups(200ml) of water to it. Add Maggie masala and bring it to boil on stove. As the water starts boiling , add maggie cakes in it and turn the flame to simmer,this would allow the maggie to cook to right consistency.

As the maggie cooks slowly , take 1 egg and add salt and red pepper powder to it, whisk well .Now transfer the egg onto an flat hot pan and make an thin crust omelet. Once it is made ,cut horizontal strips of the omelet and put it onto the maggie.

Transfer it to a serving plate and eat it with ketchup and mustard sauce or the way you like it.






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