6 Eggs omelette with toast

Eggs are simple to cook and omelets are simply famous all over the world. Some make it with all vegetables, Some bake it .But here we are going to make it the Indian way and that too with 6 eggs, i know many of you might be thinking how would it remain in one piece??well just follow the steps and enjoy it.



  1. 6 Eggs
  2. 2 medium sized onions finely chopped
  3. 3 Green chillis finely chopped
  4. finely chopped coriander
  5. oil & butter.
  6. salt & red chili powder to taste
  7. cheese slice(optional)



  • Break 6 eggs in a bowl and add onions,coriander,chillis,Red chili powder and salt to taste.
  • Now add 2 table spoon of water to the mixture and whisk it well to get froth on top.(water helps make the omelet fluffy).
  • Now take a frying pan try using the non stick one. Add 2 teaspoon of oil and 10 gm butter to it.
  • Keep the flame on medium heat and as the pan gets heated , add the mixture to the pan.
  • After 2 minutes, turn the flame to simmer and let the eggs get cooked slowly.This will make easy to flip the side of omelet.
  • Check the fluidity of eggs by tilting the pan. Once it seems cooked, use a plate and shift the omelet to it and now turn the side and it back on the pan.
  • Let it cook for 5 minutes or till golden brown.                                                                   \


Take off from heat and put some cheese on it and Enjoy with butter Toast.



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