Upma… Healthy semolina


This is for all the health freaks out there, an healthy breakfast option made of semolina and very easy to make.


1.200gm semolina(sooji)
2. 1 onion finely chopped
3. 10gm peanuts (optional)
4. Half tea spoon Mustard seeds
5. 5-6 curry leaves
6. 1 tbs ghee or oil to cook.

– Take a non-stick kadhai or pan, add semolina and roast it for 5-10 mins on low flame ,till it gets slightly brown.
-Now take off the roasted semolina and let it cool on a separate plate.
– Now heat the pan with ghee or oil and add mustard wait till they crackle. Now add peanuts and onions. Cook for 5 mins on medium flame , till onions turn golden brown and add curry leaves.
– Now add roasted semolina and mix the contents well in the pan.
– Now keeping pan on medium heat ,add 600ml of water and salt & red chili powder to taste. Stir the mix till it solidifies.

Serve hot wid bhujia or any namkeen.

Use a bowl to measure the quantity of semolina and water. Always use 1:3 ratio for semolina and water. So for 1 bowl of semolina there goes 3 bowls of water.

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