Easy to make yet an amazing drink to have for summers.


  1. 50 gm water melon diced
  2. 20 gm of pineapple, finely choped
  3. 3-4 mint leaves
  4. 2 tea spoon lemon juice
  5. sweet fizzy tonic or sprite.
  6. And of course lots of ice 😀


  • Take a deep glass and muddle the watermelon,pineapple and mint leaves till juices  are out. Add lemon juice.
  • Now add ice to a long glass and pour the juices and some fiber too, top it with tonic or fizzy drink.
  • For the cocktail lovers, this drink goes good with white Rum or Vodka. So just add the desired quantity to the mix and top it with sprite.

Enjoy it at home or parties this drink won’t disappoint you.

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