Nutty Gujjia 

Holi! The Festival of colors is celebrated in india with colors,sweets and spirit to spread joy. So today we bring the sweet snack which reminds us about this festival. Recipe for 20 pcs of gujjia.

  1. 250gm White flour (maida)
  2. 3tbs Ghee( clarified butter)
  3. 100ml water
  4. 300gm mava (khoya/milk soilds)
  5. 50gms decicated dryed coconut
  6. 100gms castor sugar 
  7. 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  8. Raisins,cashews as per the choice of dryfruit.
  9. Refined oil for deep frying 


  • First mix maida, ghee and water to make a dough, tight enough to be rolled into small chapatis.
  • Now take a non stick pan and light roast khoya on low flame with frequent stiring. Roast till the khoya starts to sweat slight oil and gets light brown.
  • Now let the khoya get cooled in an broad plate and once cooled ,add sugar, cardamom and dryfruits and mix well.
  • Now make small round chapatis of the dough and fill them with khoya mix and seal them using and gujjia mould or with hands ,simply folding in the mix and pressing it to make half moon shape.
  • Once the folded gujjias are ready , deep fry them in oil at medium flame and serve hot.
  • If you like them to be sugar coated , just dip them in sugar syrup when they are hot.

Enjoy the way you like 
NOTE: To make sugar syrup, mix 2cups of water with half cup of sugar and reduce it on high flame.mix the syrup while on flame to ensure proper texture. Add cardamon powder and kesar if you like.

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  1. Rajesh Malik says:

    Tasty Tasty,


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