Struggle Now

There aren’t any shortcuts in life ,you have to struggle today or tomorrow. The struggle you go through today, makes you stronger for tomorrow and If you skip the struggle today you have to suffer tomorrow or day after. πŸ™‚

Hammer of hardwork

Sometimes you need to break mountains rather than climbing it ,in turn to achieve your dreams. Use the hammer of hardwork and feed your thoughts with ambition. πŸ™‚


Do not hold the stress of things and moments to an extent ,you start feeling the heaviness inside. Never hold on to stress,always practice to keep it down before it hurts you . πŸ™‚

Be thankful

Be thankful in every single aspect of life. When you pray for diamonds some one else might just pray for bread.  πŸ™‚

Grind more

Successful people have to Grind more and be patient for the results. There might be times when world almost falls on you but they are the times your strengths are tested and in deep if you know you can then you will surely achieve . πŸ™‚

Mind arts

Worrying is just an art of our mind to make us know,what we care for. Play with the art else it plays with you.:)


Once you do something unusual, it’s never the last time you do that. We humans always get curious about the Unusual and whether it’s wrong or right ,we tend to repeat them over an over.:)

Wake up

Wake up every day with a goal in mind for the day or just blank. Sometimes being blank gives you numerous chances to draw the perfect goal of your life. Leave the rest and do ur best:)

Face the fears

We fear the darkness till the time we enter it. Once in it, then it’s our choice to find the ways to light it up or to remain in dark. Fears kill us ,till we face them.:)


In this universe there are speculations , predictions and then there are external forces. We humans get swayed by the predictions some time but the forces of our belief and universe can change the way,How it is,what would happen finally πŸ™‚