Fear of loosing

​Humans fear two things in life time, One the things which they can’t see or the invisible forces and other is the fear of loosing the precious.Think about it! 🙂

Those were the days 

​”Those were the days” and “these are the days” are two statements which defines our journey of life. Sometimes we find our past very attractive and present unsatisfactory, but at end we all need to move and complete the journey as event happen for a reason in life and many a times for the good…

Saucy mushrooms

So today I bring something real healthy for snack and dinner . This dish has low calories and carbs with high in protein . Ingredients:- 100gms mushrooms  Thick julians of red,Green, yellow bell ppepper 3tbs tomato puree 4 tbs milk 3-4 cloves of garlic finely chopped 2 tea spoon olive oil Grounded black pepper Oregano,…

Prepare to fail

​Prepare yourself for failure if you fail to prepare. Life’s tough but Whats more tough should be ur confidence and will to achieve .:) 

Chicken bhurji with rice

chicken and rice have always been an hot combination among people and chefs. Generally we have curry with rice but today we bring you a nice juicy combo of chicken and rice.   Ingredients:- 250 gm boiled boneless chicken. 2 chopped onions 4 tbs tomato puree 1/2 sliced capsicum 4 cloves of garlic and ginger…

Let flow emotions 

Sometimes you just need to let flow the feelings and emotions as they come. Holding onto certain emotions just makes you more tired. 🙂

whole meal omelette

Eggs have always been mans best friend when it comes to cook something healthy and quick. So here’s an high on protein and fiber, wholesome breakfast as well as dinner option.   Ingredients:- 4 eggs with one yolk and 3 whites. 50gm diced mushrooms 50gm diced carrots 2-3 beans 2 tbs oats 1 tsp mix…

Greedy humans

Humans  are very greedy ,not for sources and material but for love and affection. We all have a story and all stories have characters and all characters have there values and those values make us more Human. 🙂

Charbroiled potatoes

Potato most talked about stem among nutritionist and dietitians and actually a good food for health with high in potassium and starch but only till its consumed properly.So here i bring you the healthiest yet delicious form of potato, it can be made as a side snack with drinks or with meals. Ingredients :- 3-4…

Rummy choco ball

CHOCOLATE+CAKE+RUM= 😀 😀 happiness!!… keeping this in mind i bring you dessert for your sweet tooth which very simple and easy to make. Ingredients:- 200 gm sponge cake 1/2 tea spoon cinnamon 60 ml black Rum 2 tbs orange juice. 200 gm chocolate 1 tbs butter 2 tbs milk   Method:- crumble the cake in…